Superior Customer Solutions

Superior Customer Solutions is dedicated to the needs of each unique customer. Whether you are a small business owner looking to get a customer’s perspective, a multi-store owner trying to keep an eye on all your stores at once or a larger company with just a few sales, service, inventory, merchandising measures done periodically, Superior Customer Solutions is here for you. We specialize in small, unique, focused programs.

We can design a program right for you. With over 18 years experience in the customer service field and 11 years directly in mystery shopping, we can offer our client’s best practice and experience-based expertise that will always yield results.

In addition to offering our client’s uniquely designed programs, we also partner with them daily, weekly, monthly, etc. to help discover areas of greatest opportunity, keys to success and ideas/suggestions to improve overall profit margin, customer retention and successful sales. We pride ourselves on our passion and dedication to become completely engaged, informed and intimate with each of our client’s. We want to understand your company, your goals, your clientele, your market and partner with you to ensure complete success!

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